Sango Fighter 2

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Panda Software Oriental Beat em up

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A better, more enjoyable fighter than the original

Sango Figther 2 is the kind of spin of fighting game. It is the sequel to the original Sango Figther which aimed at creating an arcade fighter in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms universe. While an ok fighter, the original lacked in polish and in a more original set of moves and combos for the characters included. Thus, Sango Figther 2 is trying to take the ideas of the original and to polish them, so as to actually create a more enjoyable, thoroughly executed game. Graphics wise, while the game doesn't look half bad, it still isn't one of the best games out there. It's somewhere in the middle, with ok mechanics and ok depictions of the fighters that are included. But, ultimately, the game falls flat at some points, with combinations of moves that seemed mapped too randomly on the keys. So, while the game manages to be playable, it doesn't seem to understand some basic rules about a fighting games construction, to make it special and interesting. At any rate, if you thought the first was an ok game, this second iteration is definitely better, though not the best fighter you could think of. So base your decision on that.

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