Violent Fighter

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Softstar Oriental Beat em up

A...violent fighter game! Half decent, if you feel generous!

Violent Fighter is a European style fighter game, that carries its own legacy, with the good and the bad in a playable, yet not that great bundle. You get graphically diverse fighters, male and female, with relatively cool powers. However, too many of their powers are very similar within one another. Of course, it is a normal thing that the basic moves of all the fighters in a game such as this one to be similar, however, even the second grade moves, the combos (which are also very few per fighter) are shared too. Also, kind of taking you out of the game is the fact that you don't really get a whole lot graphic diversity. It looks like a budget game released for some no name European console, 8bit that was built to emulate the NES, but never really managed to get to the quality level of that one. So, unless you're timed emotionally for this game, rather download a game of Street Fighter, which is much better balanced, designed a lot better and with spectacular animations, plus great for one on one play.

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