Battle Nation

Arcade 2002 Windows Shooter Single screen

Fan recreation of an early arcade turn based strategy

Turn based strategy is probably the first type of strategy to be recreated in the realm of computerized entertainment, and so, when you dig deeper into the genre you kind of have to put your graphical pretentions aside if you are to get some enjoyment out of them. So is the case with this 2002 game which takes the road of graphical fidelity of the original which it recreates. This means that the battle field is a 2D one, just a small notch above ASCII graphics, with a color scheme that will immediately remind you of the NES or Atari era. But, after you get over this retro graphical style you will find that the game is an actually really nice, and easy to enjoy turn based strategy. The arcade twist is that the game plays more like a puzzle, as the tanks, the power ups and everything else is so simplified that it hardly resembles fighting at all, but rather some sort of checkers in a more expansive world. So, give it a try if you like minimalist turn based games and aren't put off by very simple retro graphics. Otherwise the game is pretty interesting and I dare say kind of original.

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