Madness Interactive

Arcade 2003 Windows Shooter Single screen

Highly stylized shooter and brawler game

If you ever found yourself thinking about the incipient stages of game design, how a game prototype might look and feel like, then Madness Interactive is a good example of that. The game chooses to not take the animations and the drawing of the 2D backgrounds into a more fully formed, colored and more refined stage, though, at a second glance this option is clearly a decided one, it doesn't negatively impact the gameplay. However, this is the overall feel of Madness, that you've just landed in a game still in development, but for some reason it already one which feels very playable and ok mechanics wise. The game plays as a side scroller and you control a robot which can swing and throw a baton stick and also make use of fire weapons. While most other enemies are robot like, they do lose red bodily fluids, which adds a nice twist to an already surrealist visual theme. Later on in the game there will be some puzzles and some platforming to account for, so the game manages to keep you relatively interested throughout. So, if wanted to see a weird little platformer with some shooting and some minimalist brawler elements, this game delivers, while upping the ante with its less than usual visual theme.

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