Simulation 1988 Dos C.A. Reedijk Chess

No frills checkers; playable and well produced

Checkers, as the name suggests, is a checkers simulator, and a very adept one; what it isn't however, is a sprawling game; no tutorial, no extra puzzles, no extra concepts or anything of that sort. However, when you want to play the game, it is more than sufficient to play. Plus, it has that early day interface, having been produced and released in 88, and so it looks as retro as you might want it. The chess table is 2D only, blue and black, and text indicators of the last moves are displayed on the right of the screen. It looks very good, very solid, it controls easily via text inputs and is a quality oriented game, one that is sure to offer you a more than satisfying experience. It is also really solid in terms of the way it has the AI built. Also, Checkers is a great game when it comes to keeping track of your last moves, and if you want you can thus learn how to improve your game as you go. A better alternative can be Argo Checkers, as this one has a much better graphics interface, a table that looks more like a real life one and a few additional elements.

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