Battle Realms

Strategy 2001 Windows Crave Entertainment Real time Building

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A japanese war

Battle Realms is a 2002 fantasy real-time strategy game for all those passionate about kung-fu movies and Japanese mythology. Nobody can deny that Far East Asia has always represented an attraction, especially with its history, culture and its inhabitants lifestyle. This game includes a significant part of these aspects. Your character is a hero named Kenji, who has to defend his village from the attacks of barbarians, magicians and ninjas. This game features marvelous and delightful 3D environments, realistic visual effects and nice sounds. Like all the strategy games out there, Battle Realms is based on a management system, more exactly, a resource management one. You have to take into consideration some important crop rules when it comes to the most important nutriment for Asians: rice. You will learn how to gain the most important resources throughout the game. You will be amazed by the battle/training system that advances the skills of your warriors. I am referring to the fast development of their abilities and appearance. There are 3 modes of playing: skirmish, campaign and multiplayer. I assure you that you won't complain about anything related to the gameplay, and not even about the AI. What can I say more, don't miss this pleasant game that will absolutely win your sympathy!

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