Rival Realms

Strategy 1998 Windows CDV Fantasy Real time

Good RTS, great on variety

It is a real time strategy game which has a great chunk of variety and features that are enough to make it a top notch classic which it surely is. Starting with the plot of this game, it is a quite typical warfare pursuit where you have three races which are up against each other is establishing their supremacy and capturing each other resources and bases to stand glorified. This warfare experience has been designed with a lot of gaming options. The races includes the Humans, the Elven and the Green skin race. Every race has its own set of skills in the game such as combat skills, magic, accuracy, speed and the Human race is probably the best of them. The variety in the game has been marked by a variety of different scenarios, different playing modes such as single play mode and the diverse campaign mode. The game also gives you the option of multiplayer and is very good in terms of the unique and non-repetitive level deigns. You can collect a good chunk of artifacts which includes weaponry, magical powers and a lot more. The graphics in the game though not top notch but are good enough to give you an exciting time on board. Hundred Swords is a good alternative to it but I would still rate this one as better.

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