Battle Commander

Strategy 1999 Windows GeoMind Entertainment Real time

Strategy and simulation game for fun

It is a real time strategy game which is more than a simple strategy making as it involves a great simulation of base building and units which you will have to build through the course of it. Your mission is to gather a large variety of resources which will be required for your strategy making and for building the units and structures. The instant command and control features that have been incorporated here gives you fun in real time and brings out the very best of your innovative and strategy making abilities. The best trait to look out for in this game is the competitive A1 which allows you to play with many compute run players. Apart from the A1, you also have the option to compete with human players through the use of the modem or the LAN connection. This naturally invites for a leader board where you will have the scores of all the players. The user interface in the game is very good as compared to many strategy games but the game is not superior to the likes of Dune 2 which has even better graphics and more innovative strategy making.

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