Battle Wrath

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Cerebral Gaming Systems Beat em up

Low quality fighter

Battle Wrath is a pretty obscure side-on fighter, like Barbarian, Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter 2, but with a fantasy twist. Unfortunately however, it lacks anything approaching the style, complexity or depth of these aforementioned classics and is only worth playing by diehard beat 'em up fans. The unoriginal and dull background to the game waffles on about the legendary strategists who are the Battle Lords and who have now pulled their mightiest champions out from history to take part in a tournament to determine the ultimate warrior. What this translates into is a fairly standard 2D fighter with a few variations but which don't really make much difference to the gameplay. Players first name their Battle Lord and then choose another to fight against, picking one of eight warriors to represent them in the arena, with the game proceeding pretty much as expected from here on in. Each fighter has both standard punch and kick moves available, with special abilities also available, which require power gems in order to activate, but which are obtained by standing still, which makes you something of an easy target. While Battle Wrath is an intriguing attempt at combining RPG elements into a fighter, it is unfortunately something of a failure on all fronts. Visually the game is something of a mixed bag, with large, detailed sprites but which are generally poorly designed and with their outlandish appearance rendering them comical rather than threatening and they give the game an amateurish feel. Likewise, the action itself is dull and unexciting, lacking any depth to appeal to veterans and really, this is best avoided unless you enjoy bad games.

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