Battle Beast

Action 1995 Windows 7th Level Cartoon Humorous Beat em up

Great looks, mediocre gameplay

This game is truly one of a kind, a unique arcade fighting game. The best feature about this game is the graphics. Even in the early nineties this game was outstanding to see, with beautiful full color design and cartoonish characters. The game is about those cartoonish animal characters (beasts) battling one against the other and the combination can be quite hilarious, like a small rat fighting against a an alien giant. Each of the characters have unique abilities and features. The game is great in design and premise but the actual manifestation might put you down, since the game becomes very repetitive very soon. This game is great only for the smaller children for its great design and fun looks, but not for older players, since they will soon see the problem and be fed up with the game really quick. That's a real shame since the game had so much great potential which was ruined by bad programming. A special thumbs up for the fanstastic music and voice acting. For other fighting games, check out Capcom's Street Fighter or Midway's Mortal Kombat.

Crazy fighting machines

Such a fun little fighting game! Quirky animals that turn into crazy fighting machines, a great illustrated cartoon style, lots of little game secrets and easter eggs. Some of the characters are a lot more cheap than the other ones, especially the rat. When I was little, I always played as the rat! Pros: Great animations, unusual battling, well-drawn cartoon style; Comes with a two-player mode too! Cons: Short, limited set of characters to choose (just six).

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