Battlezone II

Action 1999 Windows Activision Shooter Futuristic Military FPS

Both the strategic and tactical elements are well synced

The game is a sequel to the classic Battle Zone of 1998 and is pretty much on the same theme as it involves action, puzzles and real time strategy making. Many of you might have played the original one so I won't go into the theme or the plot. The add-ons or the additions that they have made in this game are pretty fantastic and diverse. The first addition is in terms of the vast weapons that it gives you as they are more diverse and destructive than ever before. New strategic and tactical elements have been combined with a great execution and that makes the gameplay very competitive and diverse. You have new vehicles which have their own dynamics and the variety in the missions have also been increased to make the game exciting and interesting. The landscapes that they have incorporated in this one are far spread and features some brilliant graphics in the form of backgrounds. The first person shooting in the game is also a prime feature that you have in the game but this feature in addition with the stunning controls make the gameplay real entertainment. So it's a must try for any gamer.

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