MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

Action 1995 Dos Activision Robots War

On the road to mech awesomeness!

You can tell that MechWarrior 2 is a great game, but on the other hand, today, when you could as easily play the third title in the series, which takes the series to an even more awesome place, this intermediary kind of feels like an incomplete game. The main problem is the animation, which is a lot less smooth than the MechWarrior 3. Also, the third title has better graphics overall, much better fitting for its action, more detailed, both for the world, as well for as for the inside of the mechs themselves. So, while MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat is just as good a game as 95 could allow, playable, fun, diverse in missions, the third game kind of made it irrelevant. The first game still is much more interesting, in my opinion, if you want to look at the evolution of the series, but the second is just the perfect example of game that just doesn't really manage to entice anyone, expect hardcore fans of the entire series or those that want to play it for the nostalgic thrill of doing it.

Get your joystick

Here a game of those where you need to choose a side (or clan in our case) before starting to play. Once you chose, you have a total of 16 mission for the respective clan. So in total, you can play 32 missions in the single player campaign(16 for each clan). That thing alone raises the replay value for the game. Now if you think that playing the game with your keyboard is gonna do you any good, well you'd better think again. If you wanna play this game with zero problems, you're better of with a joystick, but if you manage to play with your keyboard and mouse, good for you!

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