Metaltech: Earthsiege

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Shooter Robots 3D

Good mech action game

Oh, the sweet era of mech sims! There is something special about jumping into the cockpit of a powerful mech, a sort of robotic warrior of huge proportions that is both body suit and also a fierce weapon of destruction. This game sets you in a postapocalyptic like Earth, where our planet is waging a never-ending war between factions. You are an enforcer of peace, a mech warrior and you will play though a host of cool missions. The graphics are just OK, of the era, with the characteristic small drawing distances, lots of jaggedness, and lots of low polygon infrastructure. However, the fighting and the movements of your mech will feel just at home. Especially interesting is the way that heaviness is simulated, as your mech takes time to move its heavy mass and it is deployed as a latency in changing movements and in turning. Other than that don't expect too bright opponents. You will battle tanks, other mechs, will be tasked with destroying fixed encampments which also fire at you, etc. The game never feels too hard, quite on the contrary. So, in my best experience I think a maximum of an hour and a half, 2 hours will be the maximum you will get out of this one. If the enemies and levels would have been more diverse I would have played more, but as it is, this is the most that can be expected of this game.

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