Super Karts

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Ready, set, go!

Super Karts is a simple MS-DOS kart racing game made in 1995 by Manic Mania for PC. You chose one from the eight characters that are offered and start racing! This game if very reminescent of Wacky Wheels which is also a kart racing game with very similar gameplay. You can set difficulty level and choose to play against the computer or play one on one with a friend. While driving, you can pick up temporary powerups or just cash, which can be both very useful. You can bump into other cars to get ahead in the line or use your powerups. Depending on your placement at the end of the race, you earn money and can use it to improve your cars engine, tires and other parts. The game's graphics are very low for a 1995 game. The screen is very pixilated and movement is not fluid. The sound of the karts driving sounds more like bees buzzing. Nevertheless, the game is still fun and exciting and players will get pumped up in that will to get to the first place and be the best of them all! So get yourself the game, turn some music to kill the very, very annoying racing sounds a get ready, set, and go!

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