Skunny Kart

Racing 1993 Dos Dosbox Copysoft Humorous Challenges

Skunny goes karting and you re invited too!

There's a whole list of games with Skoony but racers don't dominate, rather edutainment and puzzle games were mode the norm for him. But, nonetheless, as Mario got a karting game as well, the scene was set for Skoony to get just the same thing! The game, as I suspected kind of steals the ideas of Mario's Kart game, but then again, that recipe was pretty simple to begin with. You race against other cartoon characters (from the Skoony universe) and you have to pick up diverse power ups, while trying to stay ahead of the other players. The worst are the loosing of the kart's controls, as that allows your opponents to outtake you, as well as going into some trap or oil stain right before you have to negociate a tight turn. Yap, this isn't a proper racer, but it sure puts you through your paces in some other ways and asks you to concentrate. Again, compared to Mario's kart game, I'd say this one is close by, surely, a little more on the budget, but still an enjoyable, sufficiently polished game, one that can be played by kids or by adults alike without feeling that they're wasting their time. Try it, if you love the least realistic racing games possible, but the better ones at that!

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