BC's Quest for Tires

Action 1984 Dos Dosbox Sierra Cartoon Myth and legend Platformer

Monocycle riding in the time of the cavemen!

What a weird premise this game has! You will play a monocycle caveman (yes, a monocycle caveman) that is looking to save his girlfriend, who, apparently, couldn't be bothered to find herself a more manly man than a monocycle riding one! Well, I guess, some of the ideas that were worked on in times immemorial were not checked for coherence, or even back then there were reverse hipsters before the term was even invented! At any rate, this is the gist of it – you're going from left to right and you have to dodge and jump over enemies. It takes little to get to understand how to perform the tasks at hand, and once you've got it, it's just a matter of handling faster and more perilous arrangements of enemies. But that too takes only so much getting used to, and after a while you kind of get bored with it. Still, it's a worthy little game, even if by manner of getting to say that you've played BC's Quest for Tires! Because that sure is some weird combination of words! And, alternatively, for a game of the era and somehow similar, you could also count on Rastan, which is less gimmicky, a sidescroller platformer.

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