Who framed Roger Rabbit ?

Action 1988 Dos Buena Vista Cartoon Platformer

A classic for the wrong reasons

Boy, some games achieve greatness by being actually playable and fun and original, but other times it's the exact opposite: though truth be told, it takes a very specific type of game, bad game, to make it to the annals of the bad classics; what I mean by that is that anyone can make a shitty (excuse my French!) game, but few can take nasty design and carelessness to the extremes that are necessarily to make them worthy or remembrance. So here's how Who framed Roger Rabbit? does it: it unassumingly takes both left to right as well as some driving stages and, through pure carelessness, makes them, from the outside, look alright. Play them and the hot mess is just absolutely unmistakable! Nothing is what it should be. Platforms that just a moment ago looked like they were escalatable are not working. People shoot at you though you can't reach them, the puzzles are simple and yet frustrating because they give you no clue as to how they need be solved. And, once you've finished a bit of the game, you simply have to go back and do it all over again, again and again! Ahh, pure frustration that is just delightful to look at, for the same reasons why E.T. is a classic on the Atari 2600 game console! Play it but make sure you can handle the rage, or make sure you're with friends. Playing it alone is bad for you and your hardware, hehe!

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