Beethoven's 2nd

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Hi-Tech Expressions Platformer

Sidescroller with the Saint Bernard we all cried for!

This is a game tie in to the second movie of the same name, and for a cheapo sidescroller it kind of gets the job done but it's never too original, too enticing or too interesting. You will just be playing as the fat (alright not fat, fluffy!) Beethoven dog, trying to go from left to right in a number of levels that are 2D, share some resemblance to the sets of the movie, to the amount you can expect them to, considering that this is a 2D platformer. Most of the time you will have to dodge adversaries (cats, falling apples and acorns, bricks, etc) and do some light platforming work, here and there. That's pretty much it, a leisurely stroll from left to right, rarely interrupted by some more complicated activity. Looks wise, well, it all looks clean and 16 bit like, which can be alright, if you think about it, but it is nothing to write home about. One problem I had was with the animation of Beethoven himself, which is kind of unimpressive. Sure, he is generally a dog of few words (hehe!) but well, he could have received a few more animation frames, I'd think. So, well, maybe you'll find a more exciting platformer in the Skunny series, Beethoven rarely goes beyond the quality you'd expect to find from a game stashed in a cereal box CD, unfortunately.

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