Batman Returns

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Konami Third Person Cartoon

Big up!

Batman Returns is a videogame released in 1992 by Konami. It is based on the movie of the same title, which had had a huge success at that time, and I gotta admit I am a huge fan of the series. Konami is one of the respected leaders in videogames designing and took the honor to develop one of the strongest and most popular games. I remember my first simulation strategy game, Casino Inc, also published by Konami, and I really enjoyed it. Good times old times! But now, let's return to my beloved hero and awesome character Batman. In this game, he is drawn pretty well, and I refer especially to his muscles. The story follows the exact events from the movie, so we are talking here about a high loyalty. The controls are simple and they contain punching, grabbing people, kicking and combat stuff like that. I liked that the main hero was able to grab two enemies at once and knocking their heads together. Also, the villains were made dizzy by the strong and agile Batman. Ha ha! The game is short and easy , but the final battles need extra concentration and time to finish them. Here, Batman has to fight Joker and Catwoman, and he is knocked down a lot. The graphics are colourful, everything in this game is well structured and stimulates you into playing it with a big pleasure and attraction for the hero.

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