Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox New World Computing Third Person Cartoon Point and click Fantasy Casual

A great game for the whole family

Quest for the Orb is a cute adventure game (like Discworld) that will satisfy kids of all ages and novice adventure players who want a game that will bring them fun without too much effort. In a world of talking animals, we follow a fox named Rif on a mission to find the Orb, a device that predicts and controls the weather, to clear his name and free his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil Boar King. The gameplay is fun and easy, so you'll finish it very soon without much trouble. Mostly, it's a point and click adventure with you interacting with the characters by selecting sentences or answers to comply them to your will. There is no violence and since the game is pretty simple, this would be a great game for family fun. The graphics are very beautiful and colorful. The music is great, and the voice acting is very convincing and a pleasure to hear. The game is just adorable. It will get you interested within minutes and after you finish it, it will remain in your memories for a long, long time.

Difficult puzzles

This was a very good game. One got a distinct sense of the fullness of their world and the history of the imaginary culture. If I were to criticize it, however, sometimes the puzzles were made a little too difficult because of the mouse's hit area being too small. Unfortunately, I have had difficulty porting it from my old DOS cd-ROM version, but I really do want to play it again.

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