Hariboy' s Quest

Adventure 1996 Dos Condor Software Third Person Cartoon

Great for children and cartoonish adventure enthusiasts

Of course, veterans of the adventure genre would probably look away when a game like Hariboy's Quest enters the picture, probably more enthusiastic about SCUMM games like the infamous maniac Mansion. However, there's something to be said about a simple and child-like game like this one. For starter, don't think that the game is not fun just because you haven't heard of it. Hariboy' s Quest doesn't fall into the trap of so many other adventures that will raise your pulse with extremely hard quests and a lot of pixel hunting. On the contrary, this game achieves a good balance when it comes to progressing the story. The puzzles are not that hard and most of them will not require you to jump to the nearest walkthrough, so if you want a family friendly game, this specimen here will do the job properly. However, the downfall is that challenge will be almost null for more experienced gamers, so keep this one in your play list only if you want to introduce a younger and more innocent person to adventure games.

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