Gene Machine, The

Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Vic Tokai Third Person Cartoon

When your cat warns you of genetic experiments, better jump!

The Gene Machine is the kind of game that is a classic adventure, with its most interesting point being the story. So, an 1800 gentleman along with his trusted servant return to their mansion from an excursion. They find their cat on the doorsteps, speaking, as a human, telling them that something bad is afoot. More precisely, the cat warns of genetic experiments to come, and tells the English men to go about and solve the crisis. From there on, it's a globe trot, all the way. The game is classic 3D, with animations in the foreground, and pretty well realized ones. It's an okay game, with fun puzzles too, and a twisted narrative, and with funny overtones, that really make the game interesting to sink into. So, overall, with The Gene Machine, you'll really recall the days of the classic puzzlers, such as Beneath a Steel Sky, that really excelled at telling great and beautiful stories, that would really transport you in a faraway place, entice you, and then offer you great twists and a really cool plot, overall.

Advenutrous wonder of a game

The Gene Machine is an interesting and fun adventure point and click game (like Myst) which is greatly inspired from the worlds best adventure authors, like Jules Verne or H. G. Wells. That said, the games plot is concentrated around ridiculously named english gentleman Piers Featherstonehaugh and his humble servant Mossop on a thrilling adventure to stop the bad people that are trying to destroy humanity by weird genetic mutations. And they were told all that from a talking cat. Go figure. Anyways, you go around the globe, talk to people (and animals!), solve puzzles, collect various items and try to sort out the problem. The gameplay is standard point and click style with really interesting and wonderfully colorful graphics. The game is 2D with 3D background. The characters are charming and funny and you'll fall in love with them in a matter of minutes and most of the time you'll be either smiling or right out laughing! The game also has a great soundtracks, with dramatic or playful music when it is needed. This game is spectacular and great for all ages and I highly recommended it to all.

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