Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Capstone Humorous

Arcade adventure, a bit too flimsy to be worth it...

Arcade and adventure games have rarely been words uttered together. That is on one hand because the coin operated cabinet games have rarely been the creative envelope for such blends, with the exception of the rare weird creations such as Dragon's Lair and others. Naturally, a conclusion that can be drawn even if only by looking at this one title only, is that arcade next to adventure has mostly meant oversimplification, taking a lot of additional elements away from a game and keeping the entire thing kind of dumb and difficult. Well, unfortunately that is what happened to Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure as well. Nope, the word excellent in the title does little other than to add injury to the insult already administered, because not only is this not excellent, it is barely anything more than a boredom fest, at the most. So, with that in mind, if Lucas Film adventures are what you're seeking, download for instance the exquisite The Dig, and forget about this game here. This game here is watered down mouth wash. No thanks!

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