Les Manley 2 - Lost In LA

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Accolade Third Person Humorous Mature Content

Leisure Suit Larry like, but not near as smart

Les Manley 2 - Lost In LA is a playable adventure, featuring lite mature elements, granted, no graphic depictions but a lot of sleaze ball humor, that works nice for the title but feels like a missed shot in Larry's territory! So, you will play this character that is a bit at a loss, both narration wise, as well as in the way you interact with the game. It's like a game produced by a manic sex crazed individual for the same manic, sex crazed individuals who might find bumping into digital stuff, trying every combination and other such things nice and well worth the time. But nope, not a lot of this impersonal, rather illogic production is any fun, which is why you will find it rather distasteful, if not absolutely atrocious! So, yeah, give it a try if you must, but don't expect nothing that will make much sense. Granted, graphically, the title may be better and less cartoonish at times, but at least Larry made that choice to sort of soften the more serious portions. So, no, in the end you just have to conclude that it doesn't really work. It's a half brewed concoction that just hints at something, but it's largely not complete.

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