Homey D Clown

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Capstone Humorous Cartoon

Too sad and frustrating adventure/action/puzzler

Being a clown was never easy, and in Homey D Clown this is even more made clear to you. The gameplay is so frustrating really, from the very lethargic clown, that doesn't seem to care much for his life, even when under attack, when, definitely, an addition in speed would make sense. Nope, our D here is just sad, sad, sad, and it saddens your gameplay as well. Well, truth be told, it's just a technically unpolished game, with lots of issues, from the control to the design of the levels and of the puzzles. It's also got that item heavy adventure type puzzler going for itself, and, that too is a lazy and sad addition, because it increases the game's mileage artificially, asking you to go about doing the same activities that you were doing just a moment ago, which by themselves were unfun. So, yeah, a sorry ass clown game, aggravating most of the time, pretty damn bleak at its best. Avoid it like the plague! Instead, play, Wayne's World, if you have to give a go a game from the same developers. While no gem, WW is at least palatable...

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