Wayne's World

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Capstone Third Person Humorous

Excellent! Not!

Wayne's World is one of those games which almost endangers the reputation of an entire genre. It's a point-and-click adventure, like Space Quest or Discworld, but which is so bad it beggars belief. The TV show and films it's based on have aged incredibly poorly so it's no surprise to learn that this is even worse and turns out to be highly embarrassing. If you missed out on the brief craze for Wayne and Garth, this basically revolves around the adventures of two heavy metal geeks who have their own cult TV show, and which involves them repeating ridiculous catch phrases ad nauseum and little else. The game takes this as its inspiration and turns it into an adventure where Wayne and Garth try to save their ailing show by organizing a pizza-thon, which then requires them to complete several tasks, such as hiring people and obtaining certain items. It's a pretty traditional point-and-click game, involving the usual mix of dialogue- and inventory-based puzzles, all laced with a supposedly healthy dose of humor. However, in practice, this proves to be pretty dire stuff. The humor is extremely lowbrow and consists merely of the aforementioned catch phrases and the occasional supposedly witty remark, but which is unfortunately not even close to being funny. The visuals score a couple of points for being faithful to their inspiration, with good use of color and some nice details, although the more realistic representations of the main characters are awful. The puzzles and activities are also far from great, leaving this one to be enjoyed by only the most dedicated of fans.

A bad adaptation of an 80's movie

Wayne's World is a game that is based on the 80's movie with the same name, the movie that is the spiritual guide to the making of Beavis and Butthead, two other lame dudes. In this game, you control both Wayne and Garth in different levels. You have to help the two make a pizza delivery business, and get their 15 minutes of fame. The game looks relatively good and it has a goofy plot line that is typical to the atmosphere of the game, but it also has bad writing and idiotic puzzles. In my opinion, this game is the example why sometimes it's not smart to make games based on movies and book, they might backfire like this has. So, this game would be nice to play only if you're a big fan of the movie or you just plain down don't care whether a game is good or not. For a GOOD game based on a novel, try out Discworld.

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