Indianapolis 500

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Indy 500 in 3D!

Indianapolis 500 is a cool racing game, early 3D and pretty ambitious in terms of the way it was produced. It captures the entire process of racing, in the early days, from the setting up of the car, to the many laps that you had to complete, and the session spent back at the pits. Graphically it's a 3D game, but the world is made up of very limited graphics. Thus expect to see very simple and very oldschool backgrounds, going around you with very little detail variation. But, with that in mind, Indianapolis 500 still manages to be highly playable, and because of the long races, it's a great game for those moments when you just ant to chill, just keeping your car on track, and not forgetting about your pit stops. A more modern variation on the very same gameplay type comes from Nascar Racing, which is the other game that does a great job of the same recipe, but set in a much modern graphical environment, and also set with lots more depth of gameplay. But Indy 500 certainly keeps its place as a great oldie racer, one of the unmistakable classics.

Famous American race simulation

Indianapolis 500 is virtually a computerized version of the Indianapolis 500 mile race that is set every year in Indianapolis, USA. It's an old AMIGA adaptation from 1989 (similar to Daytona USA and is true to the real thing as it is considered as one of the first true simulations in history. As in the real race, you have 33 cars to choose from and to be even more realistic, you can choose the ability to realistically set up the car, and any changes made to the car directly affect how it handles itself on the track. You can choose the 10, 30, 60 and 200 lap race. You play the game in a first person view and have a realistic enough feel to the game while racing. The game looks good enough and plays good, but the sound that should be the car engine running is more like an awful midi wail, which made me turn off my speakers after less than half a minute. Otherwise, there are no other sounds. Well, besides the sound problem, Indianapolis 500 is a very good and very authentic Indianapolis 500 simulation. It won't really get you thinking like you're really there, but it's a fun way to spend a few hours.

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