1000 Miglia

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Fair sprite based endurance dirt racer

If you're in for sprawling 3D environments and hyper real racing mechanics, forget about it, 1000 Miglia is not that kind of game. However, what it is, is an interesting concept game from back at the beginning of the 90s. In it, you'll race any from a selection of cars, some evocative of the begging of car manufacture, others more recent. The game then asks you to select from a range of realism settings that will manage the actual length of the in game race, the probability that the car experience technical issues and other such options. Depending of how much time you want to spend in game, you can select to play a more real version of the race or a more arcade one, and thus, tailor it to your liking. Unfortunately, the race itself is kind of monotonous, the side road attractions are few and are rather repetitive and thus, you'll either enjoy it for its bare minimum graphics, or get bored with it soon enough. But mostly it will be the later, since the only race available is the recreation of along, endurance race of Italian descent, that doesn't really translate well into digital entertainment. So, while the game might be worth a try, it won't rob you of a lot of time, since it doesn't offer sufficient reasons to keep you enticed.

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