Action 1998 Windows Midway Beat em up

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Not a beat them up you ll want to stick with for long...

The problem with Bio FREAKS, original in theme as it may have been, is that it simply doesn't really do a good job where it should have absolutely put all its effort: in the control scheme and in the immediacy of the action after you push a control. I'm not that sure that I was the only one to stumble upon this issue, as I've seen some others complain about this. Therefore, the broken core mechanics don't really give you the satisfaction or the want to keep learning the combos and well, sink into the mechanical bit of it, so without that I doubt you're going to want to see what the game has to offer. I very often reference the oldie Street Fighter II Turbo as a pinnacle of classic fighting and I kind of want to say that this game had taken the pleasure out of my exploring of other beat them up or action fighter games, because after a session where twitch response, and fast action in this one, every alright but not quite game, kind of falls flat on its back compared to this one. Other than that, you might want to try Bio FREAKS to see the characters in action, for the sheer beauty of diversity, as their cool retro electro punk look still is kind of nice, but in absence of mechanical okayness (yes I just invented that word!), Bio FREAKS can't be more than a game you'd rather just look at rather than play.

Another Nintendo Classic

Old fashioned Dos games lovers will love this classic game. It is very similar to Close Combat, Bio F.R.E.A.K.S or Biological Flying Robotic Enhanced Armored Killing Synthoids is a classic Nintendo games. Well this is Dos game where you will play with the eight fighters. The fighters are mutants with biological weapon fixed with their body. The storyline of this game is very interesting. In near future USA is now divided into parts and some companies are operating each part. Every part is fighting with each other. When a fighter wins the corporation conquers the part. So each fighter represents a corporation. The fun part is the fight. Fighters may lose their limbs or hands or blood but they can still fight. On the other hand the fight styles are also changed with the change in body. Using the armor set with their body the fighters can shoot the opponents. Also they have a shield to block the opponent's move. It's a classic fighting game so you will love it if you like simple fighting games. Try Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. It's not a bad game.

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