Time Warriors

Action 1997 Windows Dosbox Grolier Interactive Beat em up

Another not worthy action game

The genre of arcades style action has-been explored by a lot of developers but not many have made it big. The same can be said about this game because though it is based on the theme of classic games like Virtua Fighter, but has failed to make it up to its standards or even get close to it. The only thing good in the game is that it has a fair bit of action and can only be played by action enthusiast who want to latch on to every action game. The design of levels is quite repetitive and is poorly implemented in terms of the gameplay. I say that because the player tends to get bore easily because the action is not interesting or thrilling enough to keep the player glued to the chair. Similarly there is nothing in the form of diversity of action or options for killing the simple and boring enemies that are there in the game. The graphics are also very poor which makes the gameplay even more average. The music also has an average feel to it and is way off the theme of the game. All you have here is just another action game which has failed to make any sort of impact.

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