Bio Menace 2

Action 1993 Dos Apogee Platformer Arcade style

Shoot the mutants!

Bio Menace Episode 2 is one of that arcade games, similar to Commander Keen or The Lost Vikings bringing back very nice memories. The story of the game is that Snake Logan, a top CIA operative, needs to stop some mutants who attacked Metro City. The game is split into three episodes, but we're discuss about the second one here. The game starts of in a forest and there is a thing that you immediately notice: the music. It's not bad. On the contrary, it's actually outstanding for a DOS game. The sound effect are great as well as the music. The graphics are almost the same like in other DOS game of the same period. The controls are basic, you move around, shoot down mutants, jump and can even throw grenade. However, don't think that you can just go out blindly shooting everything on sight. There are moments when you need to do a certain thing, like pushing a boulder so you cannot be hit by the rockets of the enemy in front of you. The game tends to get a little bit more challenging as you progress, but thankfully there are checkpoints along the way so you won't start at the beginning of the level if you die. Tryout this DOS game, and consider Bio Menace as well, the first from the series.

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