Black Moon Chronicles

Strategy 1999 Windows Cryo Interactive Fantasy Real time Real time strategy

Appealing, with unique graphics abd strong music

Black Moon Chronicles is a 1999 fantasy strategy game developed and published by Cryo Interactive Entertainment. Those that are familiar with the comic books that have the same title (in french: "Chroniques de la Lune Noire") will be very happy to witness the characters, environment and story that come to life in their hands. The story is cruel and presents some tragic events that occured in the kingdom, and you are included among those that survived. You have to go on various quests, and before starting the game, you have the possibility to choose from the following aggregations: The Empire, The Justice, The Light and the Blackmoon. You can customize your player's skin and hair colour, and also, you can pick a catch phrase that will represent your character's personality and vocation. The action is divided in two playable modes: the skirmish mode, where you fight against the computer, and the long campaign mode. Every group distinguishes from the other ones with their skills, traits, personality, power/influence when casting spells. The first battles are useful for you to train your abilities, allowing you to have a good look of what the combat system is like. The graphics are enjoyable, artistic, the music is strong, but you will find the AI disappointing. Black Moon Chronicles focuces mostly on applying tactics, and this is one of the appealing reasons to play it.

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