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3RD person perspective masterpiece

Developed by Shiny Entertainment, the game had a lot of variety to offer, a great and engaging story and a perspective that hasn't been seen in any other RTS games. The story of the game follows Eldred, a wizard who brought about a demon name Marduk who destroyed the world where Eldred came from. The campaign has a total of 10 missions, but the replay value is quite high, but I'll explain it later. Before starting your first mission in the campaign, you first have to choose a god to become its champion. Once you do that, you'll be controlling units and cast spells specific for that god. In later missions, you can do missions for the other Gods as well. Even though this might look like an RPG game, due to the third person perspective, this is actually an RTS game, where you produce and command units. Unlike in other strategy games, like Starcraft, where you're currency is some sort of mineral, here you need souls extracted from dead units in order to summon new minions. As you progress, the game gets more and more difficult, offering an incremented challenge. While the graphics aren't so impressive, the voice acting is top-notch, mostly because the developers got real actors to do some of the voice acting, like Tim Curry or Brad Garett.

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