Disciples of Steel

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox MegaSoft Entertainment Top down Fantasy

Formulaic but nevertheless well rounded RPG

Hmm, I could get why someone would consider this game less than a jewel, but a game in the category of worse RPGs? Not by a long stretch. Nope, the game is overall nicely produced, though again, not too original. It is a purebred RPG in that it requires you to always be on the lookout for opportunities to purchase new equipment and always keeps you in check when it comes to the current level you're at. This means that the game is not going to let you chill, it always requires something of you, but then again, this is how RPGs used to be, always harsh and always on the edge. Story wise, although the name of the game might suggest otherwise (I immediately thought of Fallout's Brotherhood of Steel), nope, this too is a fantasy setting game, tasking you to battle evil and be the savior of the kingdom. But it all wraps these regular RPG and fantasy tropes well enough, in a package that works for this game, and I must admit that it didn't feel half bad playing through its first quarter or so. Yeah, not much originality, but then again, this game was released back in 93, and I'm pretty sure it was amongst the better B leaguers at the time. So do give it a try, but as mentioned, don't expect out of the common content, just a well rounded enough RPG like many others of the era.

I have the walktrhough in word format.

@Mike Spencer I wish you to reconsider your rating of this game. Perhaps if you see the walkthrough you will withdraw your rating! Sophisticated games like this is only for advanced players, who can understand character development and strategy...

One of the worst RPG game

This was not one of the worst RPG's ever made! It was great for it's time of this type and Computer Gaming World gave it 3/5 stars, most of the reviews were really good. Enough so that I ran down to my local Walmart and bought a copy. It's a tough game, no doubt but a lot of fun and really well thought out. Annoys me to see people running down something i had so much fun playing. They did have a few updates for it that added better mouse support, automatic mapping and a lot of other features. This game pioneered decent monster AI and really broke some new ground at the time.

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