V for Victory: Utah Beach

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Three-Sixty Pacific World Wars

Clean, worthwhile wargame

This 91 released tabletop strategy/wargame, sports one of the better graphical interfaces that I've seen. What the game does is create a hexagon based playing field with markings and color coding that is both easy on the eyes as well as very informative. Therefore, when you will choose how to conduct your campaign or how to tackle a certain challenge/mission, the graphical interface will be the least of your concerns, as it should be with all the wargames that are self conscious and respectable. In terms of what you get in terms of campaigns, the game is concerned with the Utah Beach events of WWI, and thus history buffs, historic battle recreationists, and other such offerings. The supplementary economic and political options are also brought forth by the game, but they never feel overbearing, they never take center stage. Thus, as I mentioned above, you will simply be concerned with your tactics play and the options you have at this particular level will occupy most of your time. So if you want a scenario based wargame, this sure is it, without a doubt.

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