Mimi and the Mites

Puzzle 1995 Dos Dosbox Unobstructed Reason Corporation Cartoon

Mimi is the hero, the mites are the baddies!

Mimi and the Mites is a simple yet very engaging sidescroller action/puzzler blend in which you have to guide one misguided (!) player character that goes by the name of Mimi to the exit of every level! But, the baddies, in true baddie fashion will do everything they can to stop you. But, you see, Mimi is a resourceful player character, and, aided by you, she will engage in obfuscating the baddies' shenanigans, which is done via blocking their way, jumping over them and other such tactics. So, with a minimalist, almost a sort of 16 bit type of stick men production, really engaging controls and feel, this is a perfect simple sidescroller action puzzler blend. It's also well polished for such a low budget game, so you'll have a great experience start to finish, no matter what. So, give it a try and have a game like Xargon around, just if you feel like upping the ante with a classic sidescroller full of perilous traps and more diverse enemies! Though graphically different, they do share a few similituded too!

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