Asterix: Caesar's Challenge

Puzzle 1995 Windows Dosbox Infogrames Cartoon

Very average puzzle board game

It is an average board puzzle game which has been defined with a somewhat unique theme. The theme is though unique but is not that much appealing because of the fact that it does not involve any sort of mystery element or element of fun. The plot is that you have been challenged by Caesar and you have to explore the Roman Empire where your goal is to interact with a lot of people and come back to the village with Souvenirs as proof that you have visited different sections of the empire successfully. The game will start from a board which contains 52 different sections which are actually 52 different locations and things which includes cities, villages, and prisons, magic portions, meeting characters, traps and rests. The level designs in the game have been extensive but the simple gameplay with simple puzzles is not alluring at all. The good thing in the game that the graphics are ahead of their time but it is again shadowed by the gameplay which is not good. The user interface is a good one but the game is overall pretty ordinary. The one which is definitely recommended in this category is HamsterJam.

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