Battle Ships

Puzzle 1991 Dos Frank L. Simone Board games Challenges Casual

Grid based tactics, lifted from Battleships, the board game

Battle Ships is a top down, 2D, 8bit styled, very simple looking (and at times, a bit confusing due to the rather limited resolution) strategy game, in which you try to figure out where your enemy ships are hiding and try to sink his ships before he sinks yours. As such, you will play that mind game of war that we used to play and love back in the day, but, most of all, you are going to be offered a mighty fine game, one that will truly offer you such an interesting experience. It's tactical, it's planning and strategy and it is totally viable and totally engaging. However, it can also quickly become fastidious, because it doesn't really change much, from party to party, but, nonetheless, if you feel like Battleships, this is one such great digitization of the board game. Else, see Sea Battles, yet another great game that plays almost the same as Battle Ships, but looks and feels different. And, you know what? It offers a decent amount of fun, which is why it's such a great game to sink into.

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