Puzzle 1995 Windows Soleau Software Strategic scope

Digitized Dots(o) game; DOS looking but fun

Dotso is a classic pen on paper game, in the lines of Tic Tac Toe, but a bit more strategic and long in the tooth when playing. When I was in school I rarely gave it a go since it definitely could go on for longer than you'd have expected it to last for. The idea both in the digital game as well as in the real paper and pen version is that you combat an opponent in trying to produce a complete square in a piece of paper (the digital board). The board is made out of squares which you fill with your color/symbol, and the adversary has to keep you from producing a full square, while trying to produce one himself. Thus, it can be a bit of a challenge to have the game play with you holding on to an advantage, but it's not impossible if you exploit your player's mistakes. In Dotso you can choose to play at different difficulty levels, you can also play against other human players. Graphically it's very Dos like, looks more like an application, but you don't have any issues seeing the dots or the lines, so it won't really bother you in any way that it's not some colorful, over the top game. So do give it a go, it will definitely not disappoint.

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