Circus Maximus

Sport 1984 Dos Dosbox Avalon Hill Arcade style Unconventional

ASCII chariot racing turn based strategy; nice idea

Circus Maximus is not a racing game, though it simulates, in turns and in a very top down board game style, the ideas, strategies and choices that one chariot rider would have had to contend with in order to win. And so, you will find that Circus Maximus is a pretty interesting game, one that asks you to think strategically, and one that is like a digitized board game. And guess what, it is just that! The original board game, an Avalon Hill production that saw moderate success, was a game that asked you to jump in the Roman amphitheater ring and emerge victorious in racing of chariots events. Now, graphically, I have to admit, the use of ASCII is pretty well done, and that is so because the colors of the tiles, and the use of detail to create perspective, as much as can be done in a top down game, is great. So I say play it, if you love digitized board games, and if you have love for the ancient Roman empire and its obsession with organized death and amphitheater based competitions. And, alternatively, download Monopoly Deluxe for a good if relatively simple monopoly simulation.

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