One on One - Erving Vs Bird

Sport 1984 Dos Dosbox Eric Hammond Basketball Arcade style

Basketball arcader, the one on one type, pretty dated though

The game here is a mini basketball challenger kind of game, where you only have two players playing on just one half of a basketball field and where your main goal is to go past your adversary and shoot a hoop. The game is, for its age, pretty well done, featuring two players that were pretty well known in the late 60s. Don't think that would matter today, but, at any rate, at close scrutiny this is yet another of those DOS games that are as simple as possible. What it has for itself, though, is good controls, as well as simple controls; you have to learn what do at each stage of the game, learn the buttons to press and learn to instinctively tell when your opponent is going to do some move or the other. That way you can get a lot more done and earn even more points. The sound is pretty horrific though, and, the graphics, while functional, and, animation wise pretty varied, are nevertheless abhorrent to look at, with that magenta color clash of the era in full view. But, well, some will actually like it for exactly that kind of oldschool look! Alternatively, see the later One on One with Jordan and Bird which ups the graphical ante quite a bit.

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