Boppin Deluxe

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Apogee Design Tool

The original puzzle, now faster and with more objects

In a classic, unadulterated Boppin game, your main goal was to pick up the objects that were randomly generated, then, bop them, diagonally shoot them, at the exact right time, so that you could hit similar objects that were flying about in the level. Quite a weird puzzle idea, which felt a little bit forced, but when played, for some reason it got you hooked for good. Well, this game here is exactly the same deal, however, the randomly generated objects are produced in greater number, so that you simply have to move and think faster, and thus reduce the dead time bits that took you out of that state of involvement that set out after a shot while. Some additional graphical updates, though nothing too extreme has been included in this version of the game too, but don't expect a total makeover.; nope, it still looks pretty much the same, only that some of the tiles have been re-colored and now the game, for all intents and purposes, looks much nicer. So, should you accept the boppin challenge, this enhanced version of the game has all it takes to see you bop for hours on end. And if you want another abstracted puzzle game, download The incredible Machine as well.

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