Brave Soul

Adult 2003 Windows Peach Princess Anime Role playing Bishoujo Visual novel Hentai

A little bit RPG, a little bit adult

Brave Soul is like a mix of Zelda and Brutish Mine, in that it is a traditional RPG but with plenty of adult content thrown in for good measure, although what's on offer here is perhaps not quite as explicit as other games. The story finds the player in control of a young man born in the beautiful land of Souvania. He has been haunted since childhood by dreams of a beautiful maiden who appears in his dreams every full moon. When he grows up, he joins the Hunter's Guild but comes into contact with a girl who bears a striking resemblance to the one from his dreams, and which sets him down the path to a great adventure. In gameplay terms, this is a standard top down action/RPG, a bit like Phantasy Star or Final Fantasy, with most of the usual elements of such games. You control a party of four, explore, pick up sidequests and engage in battles, with the actions of your fellows broadly under your control. The visual style is reminiscent of the classic 16-bit era, while the adult content comes in the form of several charming young ladies you encounter during the course of your quest. You have to conquer their hearts but it's relatively tame stuff and not the full on porn of other similar games. Brave Soul is a pretty decent stab at the action/RPG genre, although it lacks any real identity of its own. The visuals are pleasant and certainly recreate the golden age of RPGs well, although there is nothing outstanding about them. Gameplay wise too, this is standard stuff, but if you enjoy exploring and battling monsters, there's plenty to enjoy here.

Great Game

Gameplay is very good and artwork is good too, not much sexy pictures, through but it's worth trying it and you'll play it again to get hidden characters. There is also a very good way to get a lot of money and experience in the battle arena, just stay in front of the monstrer's spawning spot with an auto-fire or something heavy on the right button on your keyboard and let it work while you do anything else, perfect if you don't have much time to spend playing.

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