Warrior Dragon

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Very similar to the NES RPG Dragon Warrior

While not officially a replica of the NEs role playing game Dragon Warrior, the similarities are for all intents and purposes there, easy to spot for anyone that has played that title. But that is not to say that this late entrant in the pantheon of role playing games for Windows equipped systems is not fun; far from it; you are a dragon and are looking to avenge the death of your father. You move around in the world in real time, like you would in any Zelda role playing game, and you see the game world from above. Graphically, Warrior Dragon looks like a a16 bit SNES game, that has received a few more pixels here and there, and, the menu system, for the conversations, as well as the turn based fighting system are very well done. It's, overall, a very console like RPG, but a fun one, similar to Legend of Zelda, but, for all intents and purposes, not quite there. Still, you'll love the game if you want an RPG that has lots of quests and a classic structure. Yes, some surprises await on the road to finishing the game, but nothing truly unexpected.

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