Car Builder

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Remarkable hobbyist vehicle builder simulator

In 1982 most of the work of serious vehicle designers was still produced via graph paper and clay models, so, a sim game that offer you the chance to produce 2d modes of vehicles and then even go and test run them was something very special. The game, or lite simulator, however you want to look at it, had quite a few features for you to choose from. Each part of the car's body can be modeled and remodeled; the motor is also up for resign and redesign, as well as the interior space of the car. There are loads of options to choose from for all the different parts and you can combine them to produce your very own vehicle. This game/sim can be properly used to teach yourself the names of a car's parts, or to try your hand at simple designs. Of course, it can't be used for more serious work, as it was never intended as such, but nevertheless, for the time it was something special. Plus, the game will evaluate your vehicle at the end, so you can gradually improve your design to see how it makes a difference to the end product. If you're really passionate about old sim games and cars, this production can offer you a couple of hours of really great fun.

Car building simulator made in 1982

This is a pretty good Car Building simulator for 1982. It lets you choose a chassis, engine, tires, brakes, and so on, for your car. Then you can design a model for what the car will look like, plus you can add windows and a text decal. Finally you must test the car in a wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing, then you must put it through a road test. On the road, the car will be tested through a starting point to test the Engine, then it will be tested through slow turns to test the steering incase it's sluggish, next the car is tested through a pull out turn for torque, and even more. When you leave the road test, results will show for Topspeed, Lateral Acceleration, 1/4 a mile time, 1/4 a mile speed, Acceleration from 0-60 mph, and Braking from 60-0 mph. You can also view your cars specs and print them out if you want and you can of course save and load car files. If your car was not good enough, you can go back and customize it. If you like this sort of stuff, I would recommend it.

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