Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror Remastered

Adventure 1996 Windows Revolution Software Myth and legend Mystery Point and click Detective mystery

Broken Sword is back!

The Broken Sword series of point-and-click adventures is a true legend of the industry, and stands alongside Fate of Atlantis, and the Monkey Island and King's Quest games as one of the best examples of the genre. This remastered edition of the second game is a fine update to an already excellent game and which includes a whole raft of additions which make it worth playing even if you know the original inside out. The story remains the same as ever, with the player taking control of series favorites George Stobbart and Nicole Collard as they get caught up in a bizarre conspiracy involving solar eclipses and evil Aztec gods. Their adventure takes them from France, to London, the Caribbean, the jungle and even a zombie infested island, with more twists and turns along the way than you can shake a stick at. In gameplay terms, this is fairly standard point-and-click adventure, with the player exploring the various environments and picking up items to solve the inventory-based puzzles which bar your progress. There are plenty of quirky characters to meet along the way as the story unfolds and it is the narrative which is one of the series' biggest draws. This remastered version adds in fully animated facial expressions, better audio, an interactive comic book and a more friendly interface, along with a few other features, making this the best version of the game to play. In this newly updated state The Smoking Mirror really is an absolute treat for genre fans and is worth revisting for veterans, so do yourself a favor, and check it out.

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