Sword of Honour

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Prestige Softwareentwicklung Oriental Beat em up

Samurai inspired side scroller/platformer

Both arcade games at the beginning of the 90s as well as PC games and console games had a love affair with samurais. Mainly because they were seen as exotic but also because they were fun and exciting. The protagonists could wield swords, execute interesting midair moves while also being able to shoot guns or to fight bare fisted. Thus, when you needed a well all around protagonist for your platformer game, a samurai could receive so many ways of interaction that didn't require too much story explanation. And, I assume this is what Sword of Honour wanted to do, and in part managed it well enough. The game however doesn't go out of its way to create innovative situations. Most of the time you will be tasked with traversing the left to right environments while taking on repetitive waves of enemies, who manage to put on a fight only because of their numbers rather than their skills. At any rate, there are also spots where you will need to take extra care in order to manage the situation, that is, you will need to work on your timing and careful placement of your protagonist. Graphically, the game will remind you of Ninja Gaiden, or Shinobi, but graphically enhanced, give that the game was ported from the 16bit Amiga console.

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