Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Domark Oriental Beat em up

Typical but adddictive fighting game

It is an action orientated game which has a lot of fun elements that can be calibrated with an exciting and inviting gameplay. The game has an arcade style gameplay where you have a typical beat em up action. It plays from the third person perspective and you can select from three players that will take part in one to one fights with the ones who challenge you. The gameplay is typical in the sense that it involves the same variety of kicks, moves, knock downs, punches and combos but the thing good is the way that the controls are very smooth. The graphics are digital and allow you to view every detail of the fighting action and also allow you to zoom in and out of the play. The background details in every fight are unique and well in line with the fighting theme that we see with fighting games in this genre. The other good feature in the game is the tough A1 and every other opponent in the game will be tougher than the previous one that you face. You can perform a combination of moves through combination of keys that are not that hard to master. It plays very much like Violent Fighter but is a bit more fun.

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