Bruce Lee Remake

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Mark Rosten Platformer Arcade style

Bruce Lee in action

As the name speaks for it, it is a classic platform fighting game and is a remake to the original Bruce Lee version which was quite inferior to it. The factors that make this remake superior are many and have been synch-ed in quite well with the gameplay. The first feature in this regard is that they have done away with the 4 color CGA graphics as you now have more detailed 16 color graphics which make the action look more thrilling and attractive. The intuitive gameplay in game is very much the same as in the original but they have a bit of tweaks and touches which have added a bit of depth. The thing which I really did not liked about the game is the lack in terms of the moves that your Bruce Lee can make as he only has the ability to throw in punches and kicks. However the game requires a lot of reflexes because you need to jump at the right time and with the right timing to cross various obstacles. The controls in the games for the limited moves that Bruce Lee makes are very responsive and fit in the action quite well and the enemies are also very competitive and keep on following you relentlessly. Metal Mutant is a different kind of platform games you can enjoy as alternative.

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