Mad Mix Game

Arcade 1988 Dos Topo Soft Single screen Puzzle based

Pepsi's take on Pac Man!

Man, the Pepsi generation, as depicted by Michael Jackson in his cool for the era advertisements sure was something! But, guess what, that was not the only way the company sought to enslave the world, nope, they wanted themselves immersed in entertainment, in music, in games and everywhere else. In games, of which we care most, they tried their hand at a few games, one of which being this here present Mad Mix Game, which is a version of Pac Man, but where the titular hero can transform, gain superpowers and also turn into a hippo at times! Yep, a hippo! Because 90s ideas of cool! But, guess what, aside from the epoque feel and look, it's a playable timewaster, not too ridden with Pepsi symbols and advertisements, though, sure, it has its sizeable amount of these too! Other than that, maybe the choice of colors could have been better, and the mazes could have been a bit less kitsch colored, but, again, if you take Pepsi, stir it in a pot of 90s cool and add on top of that a side of nostalgic revelry, and I think you'll get it! Oh, and what's a beverage tinged oldie, without some fast food game as advertisement from the same era?!! Yes, download M.C. Kids too, y'all!

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